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Different Kinds of Horses

February 12, 2016

We enjoyed our first house sitting experience so much in Utah that we have secured a second one. It is very near our home and we can keep up our local work schedules from here. This also keeps the animals we are caring for on their daily routines as their parents are typically working all day as well.

No horses at this house but a variety of critters including 2 dogs who are the rough size of small horses.

Logan (as in Wolverine) is a Great Dane and Dexter (as in the serial killer TV show) is a Doberman Pinscher. We are admittedly a bit intimidated, but these guys prove to be incredibly well trained and sweet. It is a pleasure hanging out with them.

We also get to love and spend couch time with 3 indoor cats. Tim has the opportunity to feed the fish in both the 55 gallon tank and the backyard koi pond. Additionally we keep an eye on the ball python and gecko (not the same tanks).

At the end of the sit, we compare the experience with our first adventure. Each sit is unique in its own way and we have thoroughly enjoyed them.

Where to next?

201602 big dogs

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Written by Julie and Tim McGee who live in Sonoma, California, USA and frequently elsewhere...