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Best... Concert... Ever... (in Switzerland)

October 11, 2019

Rodrigo y Gabriela!

To make a long story shorter - months ago, in discussing with Austin coming to Paris for his 30th birthday, he casually mentions, “Oh, there is this other thing. R y G are playing in Switzerland around that time.”

This is a “game changer” statement! Tim and I first saw Rodrigo y Gabriela in Napa several years ago. We left the concert, beaming, surprised to admit that it was perhaps the best concert we had ever seen. Two R y G concerts later, we are recommending to everyone, including Austin, to go see them. Austin obliges us and sees the Mexican guitar duo in Paris.

So… the consideration of seeing them in Switzerland is a no-brainer. Thanks to the size and proximity of countries in Europe, we don’t hesitate to secure train tickets to Lausanne. So cool!

The train trip is lovely, passing from busy Paris into the French and then Swiss countrysides. We arrive a few days prior to the concert and are wowed with our accommodation (yay for Chase points) overlooking dramatic Lake Geneva and the Alps. We rent bikes for a ride along the lake, walk through Old Town, visit the cathedral at sunset and explore The Olympic Museum. The museum is fascinating - Lausanne is the home of the National Olympic Committee!

But the highlight is the concert. The venue is ideal with a max crowd of 1,000. We are mere feet from the stage. We visit with a young college couple before the show - it is their first R y G experience so we attempt to prepare them. The opening act, The Trouble Notes does not disappoint. This energetic violin, guitar, drum trio are a perfect opener for R y G. Personally I am fascinated by the drummer who uses only his hands the entire time.

We know, from past experience, that Rodrigo and Gabriela respond to audience energy. As Austin later comments, this Swiss audience is perfectly “in tune” with the performers. The experience is unforgettable - to be so close to these fabulous musicians and among 1,000 in sync and appreciative fans. GO SEE THEM (it doesn’t have to be in Switzerland)!

Best… Concert… Ever…

Train ride through the French and Swiss countrysides

Our hotel at the edge of Lake Geneva

View from the hotel - that's a huge semi-circle wind vein!

Ready to roll

Biking through lush greenery

Quaint little town along our route

Lunch stop

Rest stop along the lake

View to the alps

The Olympic Museum

The runner checking out Olympic running

Lausanne will host the Junior Olympics in 2020.

Enjoying time with Austin

And beer with Austin

Walking through old town

The Lausanne cathedral

Intricate carvings

Waiting for sunset

Photo prep for sunset

Sunset over Lausanne

The concert venue

The Trouble Notes (opener)

Rodrigo y Gabriela

Happiness in Switzerland

Written by Julie and Tim McGee who live in Sonoma, California, USA and frequently elsewhere...