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Tom Kat - a Sonoma Local

October 05, 2019

Tom Kat is a beautiful, part Bengal feline adopted by a good friend in Sonoma. I have had the pleasure of cat sitting him (and his long haired, orange predecessor, Sammy), for many years now, and my most recent visit with him is no exception.

Tim likes to come along sometimes to get his “cat” fix. But I actually think of Tommy as “dog” like. He charges down the stairs to greet me upon arrival and then follows me around just like a loyal pooch. I find myself looking down and saying, “Come on, let’s go”, just as I would to a canine friend. I have learned that these Bengal cats are often quite unique, confident characters - and many of them LIKE water.

Visiting with Tommy cuddled on my lap and purring is about as good as it gets. I find my time spent with him very relaxing and rewarding, and I am happy to help my friend out whenever she travels. I often drive her to the airport shuttle, pick up her mail, paper and packages, water indoor and outdoor plants and start her car now and then.

As with my Rover gigs, getting paid to do this job is truly icing on the cake! I hope to continue as Tommy’s “god mother” for many years to come.

Tim getting his cat fix with Tom.

Cuddle time with Tommy

Tom - the cat/dog

Written by Julie and Tim McGee who live in Sonoma, California, USA and frequently elsewhere...