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A Parrot Kind of Week

September 19, 2018

We are asked to house sit for a week in Calistoga where a parrot named Corey lives. The homeowners have chosen us from Trusted Housesitters based on our recent experience with parrots in Sonoma. But an African Gray? These are one of the smartest parrots out there.

Corey is beautiful. We are told she is as smart as a 4 year old child and are oriented to her feeding and exercise routine. Exercise consists of a visit to an open sided box in another room where she hangs out and plays. The challenge is to return her to her cage when play time is over.

We quickly come to enjoy Corey’s company and chatter. “Squirrel”, “Uh oh”, “Go potty”, etc. Once as I was flailing about on the floor during a home yoga class, she uttered, “Are you OK?” Big smile!

Getting her out of the play box can be tricky and we certainly have a huge respect for that strong sharp beak. Hmmm - 4 year old. We have raised 3 of those. When the “special nut” bribe fails, we instinctively pop that nut right into our own mouths. Yummy! And she promptly “steps up” onto one of our hands to return to her cage.

A new experience caring for a different animal - we are charmed with Corey. And we have a lovely dinner with the homeowners upon their return.

Meet Corey the African Gray parrot

Corey in her playbox

Written by Julie and Tim McGee who live in Sonoma, California, USA and frequently elsewhere...