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Local Sonoma Day Visits

July 03, 2018

Over the busy July 4th weekend, we help out a young couple who are new to Sonoma with their pet menagerie.

Twice a day we go by the house to feed and talk to the birds (4 different kinds of parrots), the rabbits, the fish, the tortoise (if we see him) and the feral cat.

The parrots (Benny, Sun Cheese, Brickle and Fuego) introduce us to bird care and entertain us with their dancing to music. The rabbits (Amelia and Fred, as in Earhart and her navigator), who have been rescued, are sweet and easy. The tortoise is, well, making his way across the floor. The fish are Tim’s duty as he had tanks of them when he was young - no issue there. We leave food out and catch just a glimpse of the feral cat.

We are happy to help out here and step in again over Thanksgiving!

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Written by Julie and Tim McGee who live in Sonoma, California, USA and frequently elsewhere...